Do you want to play a game?

Do you want to win?

What if I told you, that you could play a game and win every single time?

Are you ready to shake your mind?

Did you ever wonder why some people are confident and happy while others are insecure and depressed. It all has to do with our thoughts. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “We become what we think about all day long.” Buddha said, “What we think, we become.”  The thoughts that we have about ourselves create and form our daily experiences. Some thoughts that we have about ourselves were formed as far back as our early childhood. Without even noticing, you may be going through life thinking something about yourself that was adopted as truth to your 8 year old self! It’s time to Shake Your Mind loose of all the old negative thoughts/perceptions and beliefs that you carry with you and reprogram your Mind to the unlimited, infinite possibilities that await! 

What are MindShakers?

MindShakers is an addicting self improvement game that is played with a set of dice and uses the concept of bridging the conscious and subconscious mind together to be unified and in agreement through consistent daily ritual affirmations.

MindShakers was created by Anissa & Nils Lawrence who came up with the idea out of necessity. After many years of practicing daily affirmations, they found themselves trying to come up with ways to make the practice fun and exciting for their kids to enjoy also. They needed a game! Something simple that you could put in your pockets and play anywhere, at anytime! So it was one morning while Anissa was laying in bed doing her daily ritual affirmations that the idea hit her! A pair of dice that you can roll and be assigned your 2 Daily Ritual Affirmations to focus on throughout your day! The rest is history!

MindShakers, when practiced daily, has actually been proven to be even MORE effective than regular daily affirmations! (For best results, practice both!) The key is the #FOCUS. When you repeat your affirmations to yourself each day, it is a great way to plant the seeds and nurture your desires into fruition. When you roll your #MindShakers and FOCUS on those 2 chosen affirmations for the day, you start to notice the all important EVIDENCE is everywhere and all around you. This concentrated FOCUS and constant recognition of EVIDENCE builds your new found mindset’s foundation to be unbreakable!

Play the Game!

MindShakers is a game that can be played anywhere at anytime! You can play alone or with multiple players! Great to have at your home, office or carry them around with you in your pocket!

Shake Your Mind!

MindShakers uses the age old power of positive affirmation to shake your mind loose of old negative thoughts and recordings and replace them with A BRAND NEW POSITIVE MINDSET

Change Your Life!

Use your #MindShakers everyday to see the incredible benefits and life changing effects of changing unhealthy beliefs and negative thoughts or perceptions into a sturdy, confident foundation of positive thoughts and peace of mind.

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